Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our school community. We are a school dedicated to democratic principles and we view all community members - children, teachers and parents- as the protaganists in our school. We look forward to the journey of creating a vibrant community together that supports our children and our families.

As we view our school as a community that develops and strengthens over time rather than as an isolated institution, we ask that families and staff who apply to our school do so with the interest and intention of making a long term committment to our school.

Please consider the following:

1) We invite you to trust in an educational process that follows student interest and is driven by an understanding of child development and the creative process, rather than one that is predetermined by fixed academic standards.

2) We invite your family to embrace both English and Spanish, as well as the diverse cultures to which these languages open our lives.

3) We invite you to enter into community with other families and to develop relationships with parents, children and teachers over time.


IC Community School is currently located in the Dimond District of Oakland near Dimond Park under a family daycare license in our beautiful home.