We believe that schools should be part of the fabric of our larger communities, not isolated places for just children and their teachers. We believe that EVERYONE benefits when parents are actively involved in schools. Certainly our programs are enriched beyond what would be possible with just our own staff. Just as importantly, parental involvement in school develops the parent-child relationship in ways that are deeply satisfying and supportive for both the child and the parent.

We invite families to be deeply involved in our school with the expectation that parents will participate in the ways that best suit their time and talents. At a minimum, being part of our learning community includes:

1) Attending quarterly class community meetings. During each inquiry cycle the collaborating teachers of your child's class will work together with the parent advisory committee to plan an evening meeting with parents. During this meeting teachers will share about the learning going on in the inquiry projects. In addition, the group may discuss a particular topic in child development, parenting or educational theory of interest to the group.

2) Attending the culminating presentation/celebration at the end of every inquiry cycle.

3) Preparing a healthy snack with your child for your child's class about once a month. This snack can be very simpleā€“cutting apples and slicing cheese, for example, or you might choose a more involved project to do with your child, such as baking healthy muffins. In any case, the goal is to prepare food together with your child -with love and intention -for the school community.

4) Volunteering! Some volunteer ideas are: offering a weekly class or activity during our choice activity time in the afternoons; helping out with a one day field trip; participating in work parties; organizing fundraisers; planning and leading family fun evenings or weekend family outings for the school communit; helping in the garden; or supporting the administrative needs of the school.

Some other ways that parents are invited to participate in our school include: taking part iin short child-parent art activities during drop-off or pick-up; reading and responding to our weekly blog of school activities; helping out on field trips; attending evening parent workshops, family fun evenings or weekend family outings; or joining the parent advisory committee.