Students at IC Community will have learning opportunities that honor their interests, intellect and creativity within their class community and within the school community at large. Our mornings will be spent within our class communities dedicated to negotiated learning projects based on the current inquiry theme.


The beginning of each inquiry cycle will start with a broad exploration of the theme. We may invite experts to share their perspectives or plan experiences that allow our students to interact firsthand with the theme. Towards the end of the 6-8 week exploration phase, students will start to focus their interests on a specific topic, perspective, or question that can fuel a long-term project. Project teams will form as students with similar interests put their ideas together. At the conclusion of the exploration phase, student teams will present their project proposals to the school community for approval and suggestions before moving on to the project phase.

During the creation phase students will collaborate in their teams to work on their long-term projects. The role of our teachers during this phase is to provide the tools – physical, mental and academic– that the students need to be able to accomplish their projects. Teachers will extend and deepen children's ideas and theories through thoughtful questions and participate with children in the excitement of their projects, without co-opting or manipulating the children's own ideas. The objective of this phase is for students to create their own understanding and perspective on the inquiry theme. The creation phase will last between 2-3 weeks

The end of each inquiry cycle will concluds with individual and group reflection. Students (and teachers) extensively document their work from inspiration to completion and work together to synthesize what they have learned into a public exposition. All parents and family members are encouraged to attend our celebration evenings at the end of each inquiry cycle!

Our classes will be multi-aged as a reflection of our belief that strong communities include a wide range of interests, skills and maturity. This allows for students and teachers to develop deep relationships over several years. Each class community includes 2 to 3 teachers as a reflection of our belief in the importance of collaboration. This supports students in gaining guidance from a variety of adult perspectives.