Our forest school preschool program is open to children ages 3-5. Children in our program will participate in child-centered activities that help them become familiar with the foundational structures of our curriculum: inquiry projects, art studio, story workshop, self-directed learning/play all within the context of forest school adventures. Students will be introduced to a large array of artistic mediums through which they may express their ideas and offered a strong foundation in Spanish vocabulary. Our program is from 9:00-3:00pm. Part-time schedule from 9-1pm is also available.


Based on our fundamental belief that children learn best when their work is meaningful and in a social context, we integrate all areas of curriculum through short-term and long-term projects. The inspiration for these projects come from the children themselves, but the activities are then framed by our teachers. While teachers imagine possible directions a project might head, the outcome of the project can never be truly planned ahead of time as teachers are constantly responding to the connections, reflections, questions and passions that arise from the students as the project proceeds.


As a school we believe deeply in the importance of supporting our children in developing a deep and joyful relationship to our natural environment. In constrast to environmental education, the focus of Forest School is not to teach about the environment per se, rather to empower our young children to feel confident, curious and creative in a natural environment. At forest school we allow our students' interest to inspire short and long term projects that can be developed with natural materials and in a forest setting.

Unless the weather is particularly inclement, we know that we can find fun, adventure and learning out-of-doors rain or shine so long as our children are appropriately dressed. All children will need comfortable, sturdy walking shoes and clothing they had freely sit down in the dirt. Please make sure that your child has warm layers, a good rain jacket, rain pants (snow bibs also work great) and boots for the rainy months.

In addition to our experiences in the forest, we also feel its important for our students to get out into the community to experience first-hand the themes they are exploring during inquiry projects. For example, a group of students investigating transportation might spend a day taking public transportation and comparing bus service to the BART system. A group interested in playing restaurant might walk to our local taqueria to observe the roles of the cashier, cook and waitress.


Please see our page about parent participation. We believe strongly that a school should be place that all three protaganists - teachers, students and families - work together to create a supportive learning environment. We expect that parents who choose IC Community School will be looking forward to participating in the education of their children. At the same time we respect that all parents have different work hours such that active participation will look different for each family.


Our school's dress guidelines were developed with the purpose of supporting both our children's individual and community identiy as well as promoting greater focus at school. All clothing may either be solid color or simple stripes free from visible logos, graphics, drawings or words. Children should come feeling comfortable and ready to play. At the same time we hope that they will develop pride in learning to prepare themselves for school in a way that demonstrates respect for their school experience.


The 2016-2017 school year will begin mid August and end mid June. Calendar TBA