Our school year will include 190 student days organized into 3 inquiry cycles with vacation breaks and staff development days between each cycle.

It is our belief that the traditional school calendar is outdated. As we are not currently living in an agrarian society the traditional 3 months off in summer isn't necessary. In fact, this long school break consistently causes learning loss. This is particularly challenging for students who do not have opportunities to practice both Spanish and English at home.

Our school year will be slightly longer than public schools (180 days) and most private schools (most between 170 and 175 days). This will give us more time to delve deeply into our inquiry studies and support our students in attaining high levels of achievement. Instead of taking all of our vacation break at summer, we will have shorter breaks after each of our inquiry cycles. This will give our children appropriate time to relax and refuel before diving into a new inquiry topic and eliminate long breaks that cause learning loss.